Saturday, 25 April 2015

CANCELLED - S6 Event at Benenden / Cranbrook 26-4-15

Regrettably tomorrow's event on the Benenden / Cranbrook circuit has had to be cancelled due to three sets of temporary traffic lights on the course.

An alternative course was sought but Kent police did not respond in time. We apologise for another inconvenience.

All riders will be given a full refund via rider.hq


Monday, 20 April 2015

SERRL Summer Series: Event 4

DATE:6th April 2015
TYPE:Closed Circuit
VENUE:Gravesend Cyclo Park
RIDER CAT:4th only
PHOTOS:Dave Hayward Photos
1Thomas HandsellAddiscombe CCFinished4th10
2John SellarsLondon Phoenix CCFinished 4th8
3Haydon DavisWigmore CCFinished 4th7
4Andrew HillVC DealFinished 4th6
5Oliver RobinsonThanet RCFinished 4th5
6Adam EastwoodBowlPhish Bontrager RacingFinished 4th4
7Darren BainBigfoot CCFinished 4th0
8Robert LewisIpswich Bicycle ClubFinished 4th2
9Damian CassidyDulwich Paragon CCFinished 4th1
10Alexander HastingsSan Fairy Ann CCFinished4th1

DATE:6th April 2015
TYPE:Closed Circuit
VENUE:Gravesend Cyclo Park
RIDER CAT:3rd only
PHOTOS:Dave Hayward Photos
1Buauna BallZappi's Racing TeamFinished3rd10
2Stanley KennettPMR @ Toachim HouseFinished 3rd8
3Stephen GibsonGravesend CCFinished 3rd7
4Sheridan BridalAbelio - SFA Racing TeamFinished 3rd6
5Neil HarrisPMR@Toachim HouseFinished 3rd5
6Grant MartinIpswich Bicycle ClubFinished 3rd4
7David HewettAdalta CCFinished 3rd3
8Thomas WhatleyPaceline RTFinished 3rd2
9Robert KennisonMedway VCFinished 3rd1
10Kristof De BeuleWoolwich CCFinished3rd1

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Chilham Road Race 12-4-15 - CANCELLED due to roadworks

Due to a three way traffic signal on the course tomorrow's race (Summer Series Event 5) on the Chilham circuit race has had to be cancelled. SERRL

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

SERRL Summer Series Event 3 - Chilham

DATE:29th March 2015
TYPE:Road Race
RIDER CAT.:Elite, 1, 2, 3
PHOTOS:Dave Hayward Photos
1Wouter SybrandyNuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Finished1st60
2Rory TownsendPedal Heaven RTFinished 1st52
3Lewis AtkinsPedal Heaven RTFinished Elite45
4George WoodRichardsons-Trek RTFinished 1st40
5Lloyd ChapmanRichardsons-Trek RTFinished 1st35
6Andrew HastingsRichardsons-Trek RTFinished Elite31
7Jamie PineIn Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RTFinished Elite27
8Jamie CaldwellRichardsons-Trek RTFinished 1st23
9Jez McCannCatford CC Equipe/BanksFinished 2nd20
10Alex PatonPedal Heaven RTFinishedElite17
11David WilliamsTBW Bottecchia Wigmore RTFinished 2nd15
12Rhys HowellsRichardsons-Trek RTFinished Elite13
13Ashley DennisCatford CC Equipe/BanksFinished 1st11
14James LowdenNeon-Velo Cycling TeamFinished 2nd9
15Simon AlexanderRichardsons-Trek RTFinished Elite7
16Jonathan HarrisPMR@Toachim HouseFinished 1st6
17Chris McNamaraPedal Heaven RTFinished 1st5
18James LocalNeon-Velo Cycling TeamFinished 1st3
19Riko SibbeLondon DynamoFinished 3rd2
20Oliver Jedrej Dulwich Paragon CC Finished 2nd1

Monday, 6 April 2015

SERRL At CycloPark Easter Monday Racing

Thomas Hansell Addiscombe CC avoids the crashes to wins the 4th cat race in a close fought bunch sprint.

For the 3rd cat race a very tight finish, jury still out after complaint with transponder result having Stanley Kennett PMR@ToachimHouse as the winner by less than a 100th of a second.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wet Chilham, Kent

Revised circuit from Lamberhurst, Chilham near Ashford.

Win a lone victory for NUUN Sigmas Sport Wouter Sybrandy. Originally with Rhys Owen Richardson Trek, Wouter ended up on his own on the last lap of the 120K race after Rhys fell in a corner.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

SERRL Summer Series Event 3 - Change of course

Please note that due to road works on the Lamberhurst / Frant course this circuit cannot be used for this race. The course has been changed to the Chilham circuit and the HQ is now at Challock Memorial Hall TN25 4DP.

Summer Series Event 2 - Brenchley

PROMOTING CLUB(s):LookMumNoHands. Adalta. SFA. Wigmore CC, Catford CC equipe 4T+ Velo
TYPE:Road Race
RIDER CAT.:3rd, 4th
1John CockrillAbellio - SFA Racing Team Finished3rd15
2David Hewett Adalta Cycling Club RTFinished 3rd12
3Bill BellBigfoot CCFinished 3rd10
4Jake Mitchell Abellio - SFA Racing Team Finished 3rd8
5Murray DaviesIn Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RTFinished 3rd6
6Philip LenneyBowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing Finished 3rd5
7Craig JoyAdalta Cycling Club RTFinished 3rd4
8Christropher BoothCadence Cycling PerformanceFinished 3rd3
9Neil Lauder4T + Velo ClubFinished 3rd2
10Trevor DeeblePB Cycle Coaching Racing TeamFinished 3rd1
11Ian LoadesASL Projects Racing TeamFinished 3rd0
12Greg MossDulwich Paragon CCFinished 3rd0
13Josh WakelingBowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing Finished 4th0
14Thomas RowingAbellio - SFA Racing TeamFinished 3rd0
15Alexander DonaldsonPB Cycle Coaching Racing TeamFinished 3rd0
16Malcolm DavisVelo Club ElanFinished 4th0
17Shaun WilliamsAbellio - SFA Racing TeamFinished 3rd0
18Dominic CampbellMedway VCFinished 3rd0
19Keith WhitwellDulwich ParagonFinished 3rd0
20Alex SmithPB Cycle Coaching Racing TeamFinished 3rd0

Monday, 2 March 2015

Summer Series Event 1 - Tenterden

DATE: 01/03/2015
PROMOTING CLUB:Ashford Wheelers
TYPE:Road Race
RIDER CAT.: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, J
PHOTOS:Dave Hayward Photos

1Rhys Keepence Dulwich ParagonFinished2nd30
2Keith Watson Adalta Cycling Club RTFinished 2nd25
3Richard Poynter London Phoenix CCFinished 2nd21
4Lee Comerford PMR@Toachim House Finished 2nd17
5Joseph SuttonPMR@Toachim HouseFinished 2nd14
6Stuart Baldwin4T+ Velo Club Finished 2nd12
7Matthew LearyIn Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RTFinished 2nd10
8Dave WilliamsTeam Bottecchia UKFinished 2nd8
9Ben AllanDulwich ParagonFinished 2nd7
10Rod ArchibaldAdalta Cycling Club RTFinished 3rd6
11Phil LenneyBowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing Finished 2nd5
12Wayne BebaAdalta Cycling Club RTFinished 2nd4
13Dave MurrellLondon Phoenix CC Finished 2nd3
14Julian BrayDulwich ParagonFinished 2nd2
15Daniel BusbridgeFinished 3rd1

Sunday, 1 March 2015

SERRL's !st Race of the Season @ Tenterden. 2/3/4/J

Tongues Out, first win to Rhys Keepence of Dulwich Paragon at Tenterden.

1st Rhys Keepence Dulwhich Paragon
2nd Keith Watson Adalta cc 
3rd Richard Poynter London Phoenix cc
4th Lee Comeford PMR@ToachimHouse RT
5th Joe Sutton PMR@ToachimHouse RT